Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am far than perfect, I know I am.
I think of you as the perfect 1 for me. But I will never know if you think that about me.
I'm still quite shaken up by the whole thing last week. I really hate being 'lied' to. Or should I say things were hidden from me. Really hate it.
I would rather be upset about things when told the truth, than finding out the truth I was kept from then make a big fuss over things.

I never once lied, or try to hide something. I feel so unfair when treated this way. I felt betrayed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time to update..

So, Im going to Japan this Friday to study for 3 weeks in Bunka University.

And I just found out today, that I failed my drawing class.
Had it coming though, did not have the heart to do work.
You know the feeling when you feel that everything is pointless and you're so fed up already, just wanna lie down on the bed.
Yeah, that's what happened to me.
Lets just say 'studying' now doesn't mean anything to me. Im ask to draw feet and hands so many times, I feel like throwing up.
Don't even know how r they marking my performance. I have not received scheme of work, I did not know how much I need to do, and what I need to hand up to pass the class.
And plus, the show took 3 months from my semester.
I did everything for the show for 3 months, and I still fail.
The other 3 months was mixed with the New Year, Christmas and CNY. You tell me not to go for CNY, its crap. Nobody ignores CNY. Nobody.

The worst thing is, they're 'professional' enough to tell my friend to tell me that I failed.
Very fucking professional indeed.

I want to complain to the management, seriously, I will complain, because I care. You don't get complaints, either you r fucking pro, or people just simple fed up, and they don't freaking waste their time to hate you.
Its like the situation of Malaysian citizens. The only reason we don't get crazy protests, is because we people just stopped caring a long time ago. If people still care to hate you, means you still can be saved. Now. People just move on, and migrate to another country.

I think I'll do that. Just move on with it and don't care. If you get sued out of no where, you know la why. Because you don't freaking do anything with the complaints.

I think I'm beyond acceptance.
What's done is done.
Now tell me what the hell to do.

It is abit ridiculous though, I had A+ the last semester lol. Isn't it quite suspicious to drop from A to fail?

I retake the classes?
Now, if only you'll give me the scheme of work thank you very much.

Anyway, my college is PJCAD. PJ College of Art and Design. Under Inti Laureate. lol

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


NYX! My new favourite brand
The lipstick is super pigmented. I got the one called Rose.
Best part about it is, its less than RM10.
Lipgloss is called real nude. And it is also less than RM10.
How it looks like on me :)
I've heard great things about this pallette o.o
Heard reviews that its almost as good as the Urban Decay Naked Pallette with a fraction of the price.. This costs me about RM38.
And they also included two lipgloss in the pallette!

I've been dying to get the Urban Decay Primer Potion too. Gah. Gonna try to find it in Japan!
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BTW! I got it on this site! NYX Malaysia Unofficial Site

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Lurking inside the box is...

A new purse!
Bought if from Sunway Pyramid's Paris Hilton shop today hahaha. The color is so pwetty! My phone camera does not do the color justice at all. >:(
Ori price is 199, it has a 30% discount which made it 139.
I seldom/rarely/never bought anything this expensive before for myself! Self-indulgent purchase :p
Me old purse is so worn out already, its made of PU leather from Roxy. The quality is not very good but I used it for 2,3 years already, I really handle my purse gently. And it was about 80+ when I bought them, you can say it was worth it.
So this time I just decided I should invest on a higher quality one. The purse is made of genuine leather, they even embossed the 'Genuine Leather' wordings on the purse haha.
Really love it so much imma sleep with it now :p

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning for CNY!

Finally cleaned my closet. I forgot to take the before pictures though.

The doll thingy I bought in GM Klang for RM60

Yeap I love my stuff.
But I want more of them! :) Gonna buy more make up haha! My resolution for 2011~

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Waaaay overdue in updating, sorry people(s)!
So the fashion show went pretty well I guess, just that its a bit disappointing in the venues and press.
My design ,initial idea :)

The final result! Very happy with it and thanks to Kelvin for the awesome picture, love the filter he added to the pictures :thumbsup:
The skirt is detachable, and the criss cross top is actually a mini dress.

And yes, that is me. lol. Shawty in black.

Currently waiting for class to start, been enjoying one month holiday but its gonna end soon :(
Will post more when theres things happening hahah, and I'm out~

Thursday, December 2, 2010


And you've been wondering what have I been up to. lol

Fashion show is today. Wish me luck XD
Going to start blogging after today! hehe